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Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
4210 W. Central Avenue
Ottawa Hills,  Ohio  43606

(419) 536-8321

Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$4300.00 both

2 Lawn Crypts With Vaults

Section:  Rose Lane    

Space  Rows A-B

Bonnie Smith

Vaults Included

Here are 2 lawn crypts situated in the center of the park ready to go!  Owner has already purchased the vaults making this even a better deal.  Call Bonnie to discuss details and maybe negotiate a deal.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$750.00 each

116 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  H  |  Various

Space  Multiple

Toledo Plots

Just imagine being able to place all of your family in one final resting place together.  Well here is a chance to own 1-116 plots in one of the most desirable cemeteries in Toledo.  The setting in Garden of Devotion is well landscaped and mature.

Take a ride there to see for yourself, representatives from Ottawa Hills Memorial Park will guide you to this beautiful section.

Also, keep in mind that these plots are 70% off retail.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park


1 Standard Burial Plot + 2nd Right

Section:  Good Shepard  |  Lot 82D

Space  2

Melissa Stanek

Maybe there is a different preference of burial between family members.  This space allows for the different options with a 2nd right option.

One person could be buried and the other cremated, while both can be together with this property.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$650.00 each (negotiable) (REDUCED)

4 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  Garden O Peace | Lot 44B 

Space  1-2-3-4

JoAnn Farver


Four (4) spaces all together in the Garden Of Peace.

These plots are in a very private section in the back of Ottawa Hills Memorial Park. They are amongst matured landscaping and nature.

Owner is eager and willing to accept any serious offer, that includes making a trade of something with documented appraisal.

Owner will divide into 2 parcels.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$700.00 each

1 Standard Burial Plot

Section:  HH  |  Lot 132

Space  4

Sandra Albain

Maybe your circumstances are that you only need 1 space.  Well here is the chance to get 1 space at a reduced price while not giving up on status.  This is a desireable area of Ottawa Hills just inside the Talmadge Road entrance.  Owner lives out of state and wants someone to use it.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$1500.00 each

6 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  E  |  Lots 182-185-124

Space  see picture above

Bill Holman

Start your own family section with these 6 plots.  Located in section E, just inside the park from Central Avenue.  Anyone looking for burial plots knows that these list for $2195 each in todays' market, these are priced at $1500 each by a private owner.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$4000.00 obo

2 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  Good Shepard  |  Lot 71A 

Space  1-2

Kay Grayson

These two (2) beautiful spaces are hard to find now-a-days because of their location.  Not only are they reduced in price, the owner is willing to pay transfer fees.

Call Kay today!
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$2500.00 both

2 Lawn Crypts + Vaults

Section:  Memories  |  Lot 408

Space  A & B

Roger Reese

Situated in the North-East corner these two lawn crypts are sure to give privacy for visitors.  This peaceful setting allows guest to enjoy the wildlife.

Owner of these has a marker in place which will be removed so that you can place your own at time of deed signing.

This is a tremendous savings for persons interested, will be sold to first bidder so better contact quick.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park


1 Standard Burial Plot

Section:  HH  |  Lot 174

Space  4

Ronald Rettig

Sometimes you just need one (1) space.  Here is a perfect opportunity to get a single spot in a great location.  Owner is eager to sell, so call to make a deal with Ron.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$750.00 each  (Eager to Negotiate)

2 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  D  |  Lot 86 

Space  3-4

Jessica Fink

Coming into the park from the Central Avenue entrance you'll find this gem in the fourth section on the right.  These plots are in the older section which has matured landscapping. Some people would say that these are in the best area.

Owner of this property is eager to sell and would gladly entertain any reasonable offer.

Take a drive to the park and take a look for yourself at these beautiful spaces. Then call Jessica to make arrangements to get the deed transferred to your family.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$800.00 each

2 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  Gethsemane  |  Lot 48A

Space  3-4

Lenette Poitras

These (2) two spots in The Garden of Gethsemane are desireable.  There is a matured tree overlooking these spaces.

Owner is moving and no longer wants these plots, which can benefit anyone wanting to get into the park at reduced prices.

Call Lenette
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$850.00 each

3 Lawn Crypts

Section:  Garden Of Memories 

Space  Lot 206 #1  /  Lot 207 #1 & 2

Kathleen Meyers

These three (3) lawn crypts are together in a very beautiful, peaceful and secluded area of the park.  With matured trees all around for shade, this property is on the market at a reduced price.

Owner lives out of state and wishes to sell them, and is willing to seperate them.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$1600.00 each

2 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  QQ  |  Lot 74 

Space  1-2

Denise Larock

Here are 2 spaces available in the very desireble section QQ.

The location makes these stand out from others. Come into the park from the Talmadge road entrance, go to the second pathway and turn right and section QQ is on the left side.  These are perfectly located so that family & friends can easily find.

Besides the great location, these are priced right from this private owner.  This owner is located out of town and wishes to accept any reasonable offer.  Call to make these part of your family plan.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park


1 Standard Burial Plot

Section:  W  |  Lot 23

Space  1

Jerilyn Mapes

This one is just inside off Central Avenue and close to the office for safety.  It is a lovely location situated under beautiful matured trees.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$1250.00 each

3 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  Good Shepard 

Space  1-2-3

William Orwig

It is hard to find 3 burial plots together.  Here are 3 side by side plots peacefully located in Garden of Good Shepherd.

These plot have a current market value of $2495 each, and are priced to sell at only $1250 each. That is 50% off

This property could be purchased for an immediate need situation.  Call William to discuss.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$800.00 each (reduced)

2 Standard Burial Plots

Section: Garden Of Love  Lot 316-D 

Space  1-2

Susan Krieger

These burial plots are currently valued at $2295 each by Ottawa Hills Memorial Park.  The owner of these two side-by-side spaces in the 'Garden Of Love' just wants them gone.

By reducing the price there is an opportunity for someone to get into an area of the Park that may not be available anymore.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park


2 Deluxe Internment Chambers

Section:  Meditation  |  Lot 653

Space  1-2

Cathy Abney

Here are two (2) plots together in the peaceful setting of Garden of Meditation.  The current market value of these plots is $6390 and the owner is eager to sell them at $3000 for both spaces.

That is a hugh savings to anyone looking for a great deal for the money.  Call Cathy to secure a deal now, these won't last long!
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$700.00 Each

3 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  Garden of the Devotion | 93B

Space  1-2-3

M. Atkins


The lots are inside 'The Garden of Devotion', situated near the center of the park, away from the busy streets.  They are in a quiet, well landscaped area.

The three (3) grave sites are located close to West Lawn drive for easy walking access.

The current value of these are $2200 each. The reduced price reflects how eager the owner is to sell.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$800.00 Each  (reduced 2-2021)

4 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  Gethsemane | Lot 109A 

Space  1-2-3-4

Richard Counterman


Choice lots in 'Garden Of Gethsemane' close to statue

Owner will pay transfer fee.

Current value is $9200.  Owner will consider an offer, so make a deal.

These could also be split into 2 parcels of 2 each for those wanting only 2 plots.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$500.00 each

2 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  Faith  |  Lot 57C

Space  1-2

Harriet Dicken

Entering into Ottawa Hills Memorial Park from the Talmadge Road entrance, you will find Garden of Faith is located conveniently on the first road to the right.  Here are 2 beautiful spaces that are very desireable, especially for persons that have a hard time with direction.

Maybe you would like to extend your property. Maybe you just want to get into a great location at a reduced price.  Either way these are a good find!
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$2000.00 (All 4 Spaces)

4 Standards Plots

Section:  W   |   Lot 121

Spaces   1-2-3 &4


Wow! What a Spot

You will find these 4 all together spaces in the second section to the left from the main 'Central Ave' entrance. They are very easy to find and situated among beautiful scenery as well as close to the office.

These are being offered at a drastic reduction, especially when purchasing all 4 of them. If you only need 2, owner is willing to sell at $1300.

So whether you want 2 or 4 there is still massive savings from the current market value. Owners ask that buyer also pay the transfer of deed fee.

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