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Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
4210 W. Central Avenue
Ottawa Hills,  Ohio  43606

(419) 536-8321

Ottawa Hills Memorial Park


2 Side-By-Side Niches

Section:  Chapel of Peace  1 & AMP

Space  2-L1

Gary Orlow

2 Chapel of Peace "Heart Level" Niches, 1 & 2, level 1, for cremation urns. Retail price $1,750 each - Sale price $2500 for both, that is $1000 off retail, payable by certified check.

These are highly desirable because space is limited, and because they are at Heart Level.  These niches are visible from inside or outside the building.  They are also the first space outside the door.  These are very prestigious spaces.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$1500.00 each

136 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  Various

Space  Multiples in Various Sections

A. Lenker

These plots are some of the most desirable plots in Ottawa Hill Memorial Park.

There are multiple spaces available in Section B, Section S, Section C, Section V, Section X, Section TT

This is an unbelievable opportunity for someone looking for spaces that are no longer available.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$1500.00 each

4 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  A  |  Lot lll

Space  1-2-3-4

The Idlewild Foundation

The Idlewild Foundation has (4) premium plots located in an very accessible area of Ottawa Hills Memorial Park.  We are located out of state and would like to see another family use these.

Our purpose for selling is to create an outside area for children and their families to enjoy life and each other.

We are ready to sell and that is why the price is reduced drastically from the current market value of $8800.  We are willing to divide into 2 parcels if necessary.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$500.00 each

136 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  RR  &  J

Space  Various

Christine Echard

$500 Each

Private owner has 136 burial spaces for you to choose from in Sections
RR and J

12 lots in J and 22 lots in RR. 

A lot consists of four spaces for $2,000.
Willing to break up a lot and sell individual spaces at $500 each.

Owner needs to LIQUIDATE

Please call Chris

Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$1200.00 + Transfer Fee

2 Deluxe Ambassador Chambers

Section:  R  |  Lot 118

Space  1-2

Carol Stiles

Entering from the Talmadge Road enterance, you'll find these plots in the thrid section on the right side.

That makes these easy to locate and less confusing when giving directions to family members.

Owner is willing to entertain options for trade, assuming there are current appraisals for potential property. Also, these burial plots can be used, with owners permission, for immediate needs situations.
Contact to negotiate a deal today!
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$1100.00 both

2 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  Garden of Faith  |  Lot 52A

Space  1-2

James Garner

Once you enter into Ottawa Hills Memorial Park from the Talmadge Road entrance, you will find that Garden of Faith is located conveniently on the first road to the right.  These are 2 beautiful spaces that are very desireable, especially for persons that have a hard time with direction.

Seller Lives out of state and is motivated to sell quickly.

If you are in the market for cemetery plots, then this would be an excellent opportunity for you to save hundreds of dollars while getting top quality.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$500.00 each (reduced)

4 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  D-618

Space  1-2-3-4

The Knorr's

Here are 4 premium plots located in The Garden of Meditation, one of Ottawa Hills Memorial Park's prettiest settings.  Not only are these plots in this area desireable, they are very accessible.  When you come in using the Central Avenue entrance, they are located to the right of the main entrance.

The Knorr's are eager to sell these way below current value of $2,395 each by asking only $500 each. What an opportunity for someone to have great spaces together to create a family section at rock bottom pricing.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park


4 Burial Plots With 2 Chambers

Section:  KK  |  Lot 118


James Stribrny

Here are 4 plots together that are easy to access.  They are located on the left as you come into the park from Talmadge Road.

These 4 plots are situated in a square pattern and Lot1 & 2 include the internment chambers.  If you purchased these 4 plots at retail, expect to pay approximately $10,600.00.

The owner is selling for just $3000.00
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$695.00 each

20 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  EE  |  Lots 215-219

Space  1-4

Robert McGinty

Five prime adjoining lots with four (4) plots each in original section Block EE.  Will divide each lot into two (2) separate pairs...

Section EE is very accessible, coming into park from Talmadge Rd go until deadend then turn right and EE is on the left.  Coming into park from Central Ave, follow main road to right and go past fountain then cross over smaller drive, first section on left.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$1800.00 each

2 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  QQ |  Lot 120

Space  3-4

Sandra Butler

As you enter Ottawa Hills Memorial Park on the main road, you will find section QQ.  This is an accessible piece of property because it is not hidden in a back corner somewhere.  Sometimes elderly persons like to be on the main part of a cemetery as not to get lost looking for loved ones, this would be great!

These are side by side plots and hold a current market value of $2595.00 each, but you could purchase them for $1800 each.

Family no longer lives in Toledo and would like to see another family use them for their final resting place.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park


1 All Inclusive Burial Plot

Section:  K  |  Lot 34

Space  2

James Harris

It is rare to find a previously owned cemetery plot where the owners have already purchased all of the necessary arrangements ahead of time.  The current market value of this plot is $4640 which includes: $2195.00 for the space, approximately $1350.00 for opening and closing of the grave, and $1095.00 for the vault.  You can save $1040.00 by purchasing from this private owner at $3600.00.

This plot is located in section K, a very peaceful setting.  Come into the park using the main entrance off Central Avenue, follow the road to right.  Stay on that road until you reach a curve going to the left, immediately look to the right to find this plot in section K.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$475.00 each

2 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  K  |  Lot 205

Space  1-2

Gerald Lagro

It is hard to find spaces like these today.  Here are 2 side-by-side spaces that were bought in the 1950's.  The owner is willing to sell them at $475 each + transfer fee.  By the way... Current market value is $2295 for each space, total 4590.00.  You can save $3640 by purchasing from this private owner with transfer fee for both lots. Owner now lives out of state and will not be using these plots.  These plots are available immediately!

Call Gerry at 917-847-7892
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$8000.00 obo

4 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  Good Shepard | 29B

Space  1-2-3-4

Mr. Robert Kline

These plots are in a quiet, secluded area of the park.  Tucked away in the southeast corner where not too many people drive through, this allows for a quiet visit.

These burial plots are currently valued at $2295 each by Ottawa Hill Memorial Park which totals $9180.00.  They are priced to sell at $2000 each or all four (4) at $8000.00 (Or give me your best offer).

These plots could be seperated into 2 plots each.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park


1 Standard Burial Plot

Section:  Garden O Peace | Lot 72B 

Space  1

Philip Semler


Sometimes you only need one burial space.

This is located in a quiet, well maintained, beautifully landscaped section of the park.

Take a ride to visit this space and see for yourself how nice it is.  Then contact Philip to negotiate a deal for the transfer of the deed to you!

Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$1800.00 obo

1 Standard Burial Plot + Vault

Section:  JJ  |  Lot 114

Space  2

William Hicks

This single burial plot is currently valued at $2295 by Ottawa Hill Memorial Park.  There is also a vault included with this one too, which has a current value of approx. $850-900.  The total current market value for this property is $3195, but, owner is willing to sell at $1800.  This would be a great final resting place for that special veteran.  This space is located among many veterans and is easily accessible from Talmadge Road entrance.

If you are faced with a hard economic situation, you could present owner with a possible trade.  A trade of equal value would be accepted with proper paperwork furnished.  Contact Mr. Hicks to negotiate a sale
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$2000.00 each

4 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  D  | Lot 146

Space  1-2-3-4

Dorothy Thomas

Owner of these 4 burial plots lives out of state and has made alternate arrangements. This means savings to you if you purchase all 4 of them.
If purchased together, all 4 for $7000.00.

These are located near the Garden of Love. Coming into park from Central Avenue, stay to right and go to the fourth block.

This would be a great way to start your own family plot in one of the most desired areas of Ottawa Hills Memorial Park.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$1950.00 each

4 Standard Burial Plots

Section: Garden Of Prayer |Lot 41A

Space   1-2-3-4

Barbara Raymond

Located in the back of the park, these 4 spaces would be great to start a Family Plot area.  This is a very desirable section of Ottawa Hills Memorial Park.  These plots have a current market value of approximately $2195 (each) and you can purchase them through this private seller for only $1950 each.

Any family would be proud to own these situated in the quiet Garden of Prayer section.  Take a ride to the park and spend the day there and you will see what makes these a great purchase.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park


3 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  Garden Of Gospels


Hal Wolfe

Here are 3 plots together, which are hard to find, in the middle of Garden of the Gospels.  These plots were purchased in 1955 and have plenty of matured landscape with statuary surrounding them.  There are very few plots in this section available on todays' market.

We are willing to sell them seperately... One (1) plot for $1200, Two (2) plots for $2200 and all (3) plots for $3000.00.  This may be the perfect final resting place for your situation.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$700.00 each  (Reduced)

3 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  F  |  Lot 117

Space  1-2-3

JoAnne Foley

Right off the main pathway!

These plots are easy to find which makes it easier for visitors.

Visit Ottawa Hills Memorial Park to see these desireable plots for yourself.  Then contact JoAnne to discuss the details to make them yours at an extreme low price.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park

$3000.00 all 4 plots

4 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  DD  |  Lot 139

Space  1-2-3-4


Owner now lives out of state and will not be using these plots.  Near the corner of East Circle Boulevard and Chapel Drive.

Asking $3000.00 to buy all 4 plots.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
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$1500.00 (each)

2 Standard Burial Spaces

Section:  Garden Of Faith

Space  Lot 73-D  |  3 & 4

Beverly Wallace

Beautiful Area

Sometimes it is hard to find a section like this available because they have already sold out.  Well, these just came on the market and are priced to sell.

The 'Garden of Faith' is a beautiful area and is easy to find inside the park.  Using the Central Avenue entrance, you will find these to the right side ( South-East ).

Owner is ready to take your offer.
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