Selling Pre-Owned Cemetery Plots

As a rule, planning for the future is a necessity in every way to protect your family and your way of life. Many times people who make final arrangements buy a cemetery plot from a funeral provider, find that their investment is jeopardized by career, relocation or changes in life goals. Some people simply forfeit their investment in their cemetery plot property while others pass their funeral (burial) properties down to their descendants.

What if, instead, you were able to sell your cemetery plot? What if the value of that cemetery investment had increased over time? Toledo Plots, a Toledo Ohio based firm, can help you sell your cemetery plots.
List to sell your cemetery plot, crypt, vault, niche, mausoleum for as little as $49.99.

Upon returning to the local cemetery office or funeral home to discuss possible solutions to sell cemetery plots, many people find that the funeral property values rise just the same as real estate appreciates. By requesting the current value of your cemetery plot property, you can make an informed decision about how you want to sell your cemetery plot and for how much.

When you want to sell your cemetery plots, you should maximize the amount of money you receive from selling your cemetery plot by slightly under pricing the actual retail value of cemetery property in the same area. This increases the opportunity for you to sell your cemetery plot and retains the high market value.

While you can pick any of the normal available methods to sell cemetery plots, the most resourceful and inexpensive way is Toledo Plots.  Toledo Plots is not a brokerage firm, so therefore does not charge a fee for selling your cemetery plots. Advertising in newspapers through classified ads can be expensive (see diagram below) and slow in developing interested buyers due to competition by other advertisers for attention in all markets. When listing with Toledo Plots, the seller is given top priority advertising space in a niche market aimed to sell cemetery plots in both print and online resources to assure the highest visibility with buyers looking for cemetery plots.

With so many advertising and auction services, hidden fees occur before you can sell your cemetery plots. Toledo Plots has no hidden fees or restricted services to sell a cemetery plot. We simply provide a source for you to list your pre-owned cemetery plot.  However, at no extra charge, we will assist you in composing your ad.  We provide you a way to reach millions of people in order for you to sell your cemetery plots.
When selling your previously owned cemetery plot;  Remember that someone else may have something like a car, boat, or precious metals like gold or silver that you want or need.  If you are presented with an offer of trade, please consider.  But before any papers are signed, be sure that the item is actually worth it's value, ask for documentation or appraisals.  Better yet, get your lawyer involved. 
Toledo Plots is not a brokerage firm.  We do not sell pre-owned cemetery plots or any cemetery plots, crypts, nitches, urns or mausoleums ourselves.  We are a source for persons to sell their unwanted plots, and for buyers to find a good deal on them.  We have no affiliation with cemeteries or funeral homes, that way there is no bias involved.  However, we do work with local merchants to find prospective buyers for the cemetery plots, crypts, urns, nitches, and mausoleums listed on this website.
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We at Toledo Plots concentrate on the Toledo Ohio area.  For that reason, there is no confusion about the rules and laws, or prices in the Toledo Ohio area. 

The Toledo Ohio area has very beautiful final resting places available.  Some of these cemetery plots have been hidden away in a drawer or safe deposit box for years.  They are back on the market for sale at cheap prices that have not been available for several years.

Whether you are in the market for cemetery plots, vaults, crypts or mausoleums, Toledo Plots has an entire data base separated by area cemeteries.
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Beware, Just another case of someone wanting what you have without paying for it or even working for it.

It has been brought to our attention that someone has been contacting sellers and wanting to send them a check for more than the asking price.  Then they want you to send the additional funds to funeral directors or other persons.

Nobody is ever going to send you extra money.  It is not your responsiblity to help anyone make payments to anyone, especially funeral directors, doctors or cemeteries.  Remember you are selling which requires you to receive money, not send it...

If you find yourself in a situation that you do not understand or perhaps something doesn't seem right to you, contact us anytime at 419-557-2011 or the Toledo Police Department at 419-245-3340
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