Planning a Funeral

Planning a funeral can be very stressful, and will wear you down mentally.  It really relieves the stress if you are prepared, it sure helps to have a plan in place.  If you find yourself overwhelmed with grief, sometimes it helps to have someone help you with critial decisions.
First, consult the will of the deceased to learn of any prior arrangements that they may have in place such as;  cemetery plots, vault, mausoleum, crypt or cremation.  Find out if there have already been prior arrangements for the services.

Next, be sure to notify family members, friends, and out of state relatives.  Don't forget to inform an employer or fellow employees.  It is always a good idea to notify the family doctor to make sure that any prescriptions can be cancelled.  And lastly, you will have to inform the church where the service will be and the insurance company.  Sometimes the funeral director will help you make the call to the insurance company and provide you with the documents needed.
These are real trying times in our society right now.  By saving money on funeral services does not cheapen the event.  You just might be surprised at the way people notice the personal touches instead.  Toledo Plots would also like to help you find the perfect cemetery plot.  We have many people that have pre-owned cemetery plots, crypts, vaults, and mausoleums at reduced prices.  These people purchased these and for whatever reason no longer need or want them.  This could help you with the final cost.  Be sure to check out what is available in the Toledo Ohio area by clicking on the appropriate cemetery on the left side and browsing the pre-owned cemetery plots by section and price.
Your Rights
A common misconception that people often have when they purchase the right of internment in a cemetery is that they have purchased the land itself, when in fact what they have really purchased is the right to be interred (also referred to as buried, entombed, enniched or placed) on or in that particular piece of property.

funeral planning
Funeral Checklist

Shop around for a funeral director
Arrange a meeting with a funeral director
Choose a location for service, church, clergy
Determine a date and time for service
Choose the type of service: traditional, military
Choose a casket or cremation urn
Choose a burial container, mausoleum, or crypt
Choose flowers
Choose music
Choose funeral car arrangements
Decide on clothing for the deceased
Choose pallbearers
Funerals on a Budget

Don't purchase goods or services that you do not want
Create a free online obituary
Plan a green burial or choose cremation instead
Simplify floral arrangements, share costs with relatives
Candles can be used instead of flowers
Use a public place for service instead of funeral home
Those with carpentry skills can make casket
Dress the decease in own clothing instead of buying new
Skip the catering or ask relatives to help cater food
Limit the viewing time, maybe 1 day instead of 3 days
Check on dicounted limosene rates
Check embalming laws

We at Toledo Plots concentrate on the Toledo Ohio area.  For that reason, there is no confusion about the rules and laws, or prices in the Toledo Ohio area. 

The Toledo Ohio area has very beautiful final resting places available.  Some of these cemetery plots have been hidden away in a drawer or safe deposit box for years.  They are back on the market for sale at cheap prices that have not been available for several years.

Whether you are in the market for cemetery plots, vaults, crypts or mausoleums, Toledo Plots has an entire data base separated by area cemeteries.
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