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Calvary Cemetery

Calvary Cemetery
$1100.00 each
(2) Standard Side by Side Burial Plots
Lot 188 • Section 47
3 & 4
Here are (2) side-by-side burial plots in a beautiful section of Calvary Cemetery.  These plots were purchased long ago because of the matured landscaping.  Since the purchase, owner has made alternate arrangements and wishes to give another family the opportunity to own them at a reduced price.

Call... 419-494-8375 to secure the perfect final resting place.
John Swemba                    419-494-8375
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Calvary Cemetery
$1500.00 each
(2) Standard Burial Plots
Lot 109 • Section 47
3 & 4
Christina Urfer                   419-536-3822
Two (2) gravesites in section 47, close to the Parkside Blvd. entrance.
Calvary Cemetery
$1500.00 each
(10) Standard Burial Plots
Section 14 • Lot(s) 35 & 18
Frank Scarlato                   419-283-0738
Family plots with 10 spaces together.
Lot 35 has 6 spaces and at the head (next row) in lot 18 there are 4 more spaces.
10 Spaces All
Together With Easy Access
(419) 557-2011
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