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If you have ever looked at buying cemetery plots from the cemetery you know how expensive they can be.  At Toledo Plots we list all privately owned properties that are sometimes unwanted by the owners.  This is an opportunity for you to get what you want at rock bottom prices.

Maybe you have made alternative arrangements for your burial or have re-located to another area.  Whatever the situation, you can sell your unwanted cemetery properties to someone that could use them and appreciate the savings and you get extra money. 

Sometimes owners of properties will consider taking a trade.  Maybe you are low on cash but have assets to offer.  The trade needs to be something of equal documented value like;  a car, a boat, jewelry, gold, or silver.  Making a trade could benefit both parties if caution is used. 

Toledo Plots Is Different Because It Works



Whether you are a buyer or seller of unwanted cemetery plots, here is the perfect place for you.


When looking for the perfect final resting place, it is hard to find plots in certain areas.  It can also be hard to find a specific location, maybe one that is next to a beloved family member.  Most areas of Toledo cemeteries are sold out and cannot offer some of these advertised burial plots for sale.  That is what Toledo Plots does, we advertise these hard to find, sometimes impossible plots for sale by the private owner at below current market values, saving you money and giving you the prime locations that you want.


The only problem with securing the perfect location is that they do not last long.  When an advertisement is published, it remains on the website until it sells.  The seller sets the price and sometimes the price reflects their eagerness by making it way below market value.  This means that people usually purchase them as soon as they can.  This can be beneficial to the buyer, because they will get the perfect spot for the right price just for calling to secure their purchase first.


All of the advertisements are on a first come • first serve theory.  So the minute that you realize that someone has the plots that you want, you should contact the seller to discuss arrangements right away while they are still available.


Once you have a location in mind, check the desired cemetery listings on the left side tabs.  There you will be able to view available plots for sale.  Information and descriptions along with the asking price is posted with the sellers contact information on each advertisement.  Most times the prices are negotiable because of the sellers' present situation.


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Save Money Buying Privately Owned Cemetery Plots



In todays' economy everyone is looking for a way to save money or make extra money.  We at Toledo Plots realize that there is need for a place for people to buy or sell cemetery plots at a reduced price.  Years ago people bought many cemetery plots to make arrangements for entire families.  But as time has went on, families have changed circumstances and no longer have a need for extra plots.  That can mean big savings to you!


Toledo Plots is not a broker and does not make any commission on sales, that keeps your price down.  These prices are set by the sellers and can sometimes be negotiated with the seller, this is clearly an advantage to you.  If you were looking to buy a plot from a cemetery, they would not negotiate with you.  In fact, they have price lists sheets that they use for sales of plots, vaults, mausoleums, and crypts.  These prices are set by the market value and cannot be changed.  But, you have the option to buy pre-owned cemetery plots, crypts, mausoleums, and vaults from private owners at very reduced prices. Save Money Buying Privately Owned Cemetery Plots. One phrase in the funeral planning game is “pre-owned burial plot,” or "cemetery plot resale" which is a low-cost offer that is not nearly as horrible as it sounds. The plot is not used, as in someone has been buried there before; it is used as in someone bought it as part of a funeral planning package and then made alternate arrangements or moved to another location.


Pre-owned burial plots can actually be a great way to save money and still get a great location. In this case, the previous owners will sell the burial plot to you directly, without going through the cemetery or funeral home, and they may be hard-pressed to get the sale over with so they can move on. They might also have purchased the plot years ago (when costs were much lower), and will pass much of that savings on to you.



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An Online Listing Source To Be Seen By Millions



Toledo Plots is not a broker, we are a source for people to find previously owned cemetery plots, vaults, crypts, and mausoleums at a discount price. We do not assist a buyer or seller in the purchase of pre-owned cemetery plots. The reason that these prices can be kept so low is because the seller doesn't have to pay a brokerage fee at Toledo Plots.  If you are thinking about selling, let Toledo Plots go to work for you today.  Let us add your property so that millions can see it on the internet.  Your advertisement will remain there until it sells, so the better the listing price, the faster it sells!


Also, keep in mind that some of these cemetery plots, vaults, crypts and mausoleums were purchased several years ago at fair market value.  Of course, fair market value is greater today, which will give you room to negotiate a better price.



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We at Toledo Plots concentrate on the Toledo Ohio area.  For that reason, there is no confusion about the rules and laws, or prices in the Toledo Ohio area. 

The Toledo Ohio area has very beautiful final resting places available.  Some of these cemetery plots have been hidden away in a drawer or safe deposit box for years.  They are back on the market for sale at cheap prices that have not been available for several years.

Whether you are in the market for cemetery plots, vaults, crypts or mausoleums, Toledo Plots has an entire data base separated by area cemeteries.
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